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The Untold Stories of Product Development at ICHIMARU PHARCOS

For 50 years, ICHIMARU PHARCOS has been a pioneer in developing raw materials for cosmetics. From animals and plants we know little about, we are able to extract and purify new beauty components and health food ingredients on the leading edge of dermatology.

The following four anecdotes are the untold stories surrounding ingredients that are particularly noteworthy in our already decorated development history. We hope these stories will give you insight into how these ingredients were developed, as well as the efforts of the researchers and developers that went into their creation, and give you a glimpse of our unique corporate philosophy seen throughout the process.

Story 1: Hydrolyzed Prune

Developing melanin doesn't have to mean dark spots! A hit product born out of thinking outside the box

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Story 2: Artichoke Leaf Extract

Using our cosmetic expertise to tackle a research topic pursued by medical researchers around the world

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Story 3: NEEM Leaf Liquid

Ayurveda's Tree of Life a tradition passed down from a Sri Lankan doctor

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Story 4: Geranium Robertianum extract

The miraculous success of tryptase extraction leading the way to the development of a new product

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From the development of a raw material to when it is sold in retail stores, then finally breaking into the market, normally takes several years. Please take a look at the following diagram.

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