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Product Information

One of the R&D companies in the world specializing in natural ingredients

Next generation cosmetics ingredients (excerpt version)

Geranium Robertianum

Geranium Robertianum Extract is novel cosmetic ingredient; which inhibit tryptase and protect basement membrane.

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Artichoke Leaf Extract contains rich Cynaropycrine and inhibit NF-kB; which is relative to inhibition of skin aging.

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Salix Alba (Willow) Bark

Willow Bark Extract is novel cosmetic ingredient; which become active keratinous PPAR-β/δ.

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Prune Extract lead "Melanin Diet Theory"; which keratinocyste stop eating melanin.

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Raw materials for cosmetics


Long used as a treatment for swelling, open wounds, and burns as well as a natural sunscreen, aloe is also widely used in cosmetics as a moisturizer. We have developed a variety of aloe extracts for use in cosmetics that take advantage of the efficacy of polysaccharides and anthraquinones fund in a variety of aloe plants.

Product names
Biocellact ALOE VERA
ALOE Extract Vera

Swertia herb

The Japanese name for this ingredient literally means "a thousand shakes" and comes from the fact that no matter how much you shake this substance, it remains bitter to the taste. This is due the many bitter glycosides found in swertia herb, such as swertiamarin. Swertia extract promotes circulation of the blood and is used in quasi drugs for hair growth and the like.

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Ginseng has long been treasured as a traditional Chinese medicine and is mentioned in some of the oldest historical Chinese medical texts from the Later Han era. Rich in saponins, it is used as a quasi drug for hair growth as well as in skin-care cosmetics.

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This natural component of silk has been developed to help nurture hair and skin with silken beauty. Silk extract made from the proteins found in the silk from silkworms provides luster for hair as well as protection for both hair and skin and has long been one of our best-selling products worldwide.

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Crab (chitin and chitosan)

These substances are derived from the exoskeletons of crabs, shrimp, and other crustaceans, and ICHIMARU PHARCOS was the first to apply carboxymethyl chitin and hydroxypropyl chitosan to skin- and hair-care products.

Product names
CHITIN Liquid (N)
HPCH Liquid


Developed from our research into the components of fermented milk (yogurt), these are the optimal raw materials for functional cosmetics such as skin-care products. Includes alpha hydroxy acids (AHA).

Product names
FM Extract LA


Aquatic organisms are known for their ability to survive in the most inhospitable of environments, and seaweed is one of the most tenacious of all marine life. Seaweed has long been used in Europe as a part of thalassotherapy and we have evaluated a variety of seaweed for its cosmetic efficacy in developing any number of products.

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The macromolecular components of highly viscous amino acids that are produced by fermenting soybeans are highly stable substitutes for animal collagens in the manufacture of lotions, creams, and emulsions used in skin-care products. Soy extract is high in isoflavones, recognized as a useful ingredient in skin care, and is used in a wide range of concept products.

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We successfully developed a process for carefully extracting and refining natural keratins from select wools so as to preserve their molecular structure. The excellent permeability and layering properties of this substance help protect hair from a wide range of damage.

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This viscous extract comes from the fruity portion of okra, popular as a health food, and finds use in skin- and body-care products for dry skin thanks to its high moisture content.

Product names
Phyto Hyaluron

Raw materials for health food

Heme Iron

It is often noted that modern diets are deficient in many nutrients, one of which is iron. Iron deficiency is an insidious threat that often goes unnoticed until the individual becomes ill. Heme iron is a virtually odorless iron supplement that is more easily absorbed than organic iron compounds. Recognized as a component in Food for Specified Health Use (FOSHU).

Product names
Hem Fe


Modern life is often fraught with stress that goes unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of daily activities amidst noise, chemical contamination, and other forms of environmental pollution. Joint research with the Gifu Prefectural Institute of Health and Environmental Sciences resulted in the successful development of silk proteins for use in food products that help normalize the autoimmune system as well as alleviate skin disorders cause by accumulated stress.

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NEEM is known important herb in Indian traditional medical "Ayurveda". It is called "village pharmacy" and necessary for living. We propose NEEM Leaf Extract for Beauty and Healthy project.

Product names
NEEM Leaf Extract Powder


Healthy and Beauty Food ingredient -Biobenefity-F- protect gene from excess NF-kB. NF-kB is important nuclear factor for starting expression of gene but it sometimes become too much active and damage for our skin.

Product names
Biobenefity F

Salmon nose cartilage

Proteoglycan is one of the important extracellular matrix component and widely distributed in skin, cartilagines and so on. We developed high quality and amount purification technology of proteoglycan from salmon nose cartilagines together with Prof. Takagaki of Hirosaki University and KAKUHIRO Co.,Ltd and propose for Beauty and joint care.

Product names
Proteoglycan F

Rice (Ceramaides)

Ceramaides are important substances in the makeup of the skin's corneal layer, and play a vital role in keeping human skin moist. We use our own innovative technology to make beautiful products offering excellent water-solubility, producing them from rice, the staple of the Japanese diet.

Product names
Phytoceramaide (10%)
Phytoceramaide (1%)