Award winning BURGEON-UP

Our new hair growth raw ingredient "BURGEON-UP" won the BSB Innovation Award 2020 second prize in the "scalp, hair, moisture, tan" Natural Products / Raw materials category on April 1, 2020.

The BSB Innovation Award is an award given by a cosmetics consulting company based in Hamburg, Germany, BSB since 2003. It is awarded to innovative cosmetic raw materials and final products selected according to their own criteria. Global cosmetics manufacturers, mainly from the EU, participate in the selection of awards. The award ceremony is held every year, but due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, only the award was given this year.

What is the award-winning product "BURGEON-UP"?

"BURGEON-UP" is a hair growth ingredient that focuses on factors related to organ development and tissue regeneration called "R-spondin1". The dual efficacy of promoting the secretion of "R-spondin1" from hair papilla cells (hair growth effect) and suppressing the production of the hair loss factor DKK1 functioning in androgenetic alopecia (hair loss suppressing effect) were confirmed. BURGEON-UP is recommended not only for men but also for women to prevent the thinning of hair.

Taking advantage of this award, we would like to further expand globally as a hair care ingredient that has a double hair growth effect that promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.