PCHi 2018 in Shanghai CHINA

We introduced mainly a new item "CHRONO CHARDY" as Body clock skin care, "MandarinClear" as Illuminated skin care, "IZAYOI" as UV care, and "SkinBaby" for Baby care and Brightening active ingredients. We gave a New Technology Session "CHRONO CHARDY with New skin care approach Body clock" at the exhibition.

PCHi China Fountain Award for the second consecutive year
We received awards in two categories, the Active Ingredients Award and the R&D Award of "PCHi 2018 Fountain Award" in "PCHi (Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients) 2018" held in Shanghai, China in March 19th-21st. Our new treatment ingredient of dry and rough skin "CHRONO CHARDY" was selected in the department of the Active Ingredients-Moisturizing/Hydrating Award, and the developer of "CHRONO CHARDY", Kenichi Ito, was selected in the department of the R&D Award.
"CHRONO CHARDY", made from Chardonnay grapes by innovative production method, provides unique biological function by enhancing the skin clock genes. The enhanced skin clock genes activates epidermal barrier formation and collagen production, and reduces wrinkle formation. "CHRONO CHARDY" is an innovative cosmetic ingredient to maintain beautiful and youthful skin by enhancement of biological rhythm.