The organizations within our company are organically intertwined. Experts from each section are in every department, and a one-stop management system that handles R&D to Sales internally is achieved with the Business Promotion Committee at its core.

ICHIMARU PHARCOS Business Promotion Committee

Research and Development

Aims to provide unique products as one of the few R&D companies in the world specializing in natural ingredients.

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With a wide range of unparalleled equipment, over 1,000 types of products each year can be produced.

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Quality Control

This team ensures that our raw ingredients can be used safely in cosmetics and functional foods.

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We strive to provide fresh products that are produced with strict time limits to ensure high quality.

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Intellectual Property Management

Through management of intellectual property and information sharing, strong support is provided to our clients’ product development efforts.

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Overseas Sales

ICHIMARU PHARCOS strongly believes in promoting globalization. We export to over 30 countries around the world.

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Domestic Japanese Sales

A proposal-oriented sales team that is involved from the concept work stage for the cosmetic products.

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